Examind server is an all-in-one server solution allowing geospatial data release. This GHOM (Geographic, Hydrologic, Oceanographic and Meteorological) platform intelligently manages numerous data formats.

Easy to use, it offers an elegant and ergonomic interface while offering tools dedicated to complex data support and specific formats management. Users can easily import and publish data thanks to Examind Server.

This platform allows to create a complete Spatial Data Infrastructure, from geographic resources cataloging to sensors platform operating with real time data feedback. It is ideal to take over environmental issues, maritime surveillance solutions, geointelligence or even theater management systems for the military world.

Examind Server has been realized by developers and scientists working in Geographic Information System for over a decade on a wide range of domains including territory management, meteorology, oceanography, biology, marine, geology, aeronautic and military.

As a matter of fact Geomatys is also member and contributor at the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and participates in the conception of today’s and tomorrow’s GIS worldwide standards.

Who should use Examind Server?

  • You need to access your data through an easy to use HMI.
  • You want to bring out relevant information from your data in a simple way.
  • You want to explore, visualize or even modify your geospatial data and make it accessible to your community.
  • You use scientific data such as netCDF, GriB or HDF with multiple dimensions.
  • You work with Military and Marine data in IHO S-57 format with AML 1.0, 2.1, 3.0 and IWC support.
  • You need a secure and up to date system using S-63.
  • You produce maps for ECDIS system with IHO S-52 symbology.
  • You require available data access on OGC Services.
  • You have a custom Gdal library and want to use it with Examind Server.
  • You work with wavelet compressed data such as Jpeg 2000 and ECW.
  • You want to mix various types of raster, vector and web-services with different symbologies and render maps in any EPSG projections without having to reformat or transform data.
  • If you are unfamiliar with GIS, take advantage of our years of experience working with the biggest clients, ask for a training course.