Core GIS tools

Principaux outils SIG
  • Render engine with any CRS
  • On-the-fly reprojection in any CRS
  • Ortho-rectification, Transformation, Processing of your data

Sensor Observation & Measurement

  • Unified data model for your sensor data
  • Visualize observed properties of sensor equipments
  • Filling metadata for your sensor by using OGC standard SensorML

Highly customizable symbology

  • Styling geometries: points, lines and polygons
  • Styling features: icons, fillstyle, transparency, rotation, scaling, text font, size, labeling vector data, cells icons
  • Raster styling: palette, RGB composition, Gray scale, Dynamic RGB for band
  • Alpha transparency without data value
  • Attribute filtering and show symbology according to zoom level
  • Full Support of IHO S-52 symbology

Native support for raster and vector data

  • Common data formats supported: GeoTIFF, Sentinel 2, DTED, Grib, JPEG2000, KML, GeoJSON, MIF MID, Shapefile …
  • Raster pyramid: Tiling automatically each raster data after insertion
  • Executing data statistic analysis on-the-fly for symbology needs

OGC standards implementation

  • ISO 19103 Conceptual schema language
  • ISO 19115-1 / ISO 19115-2 Metadata
  • ISO 19111 / ISO 19111-2 Spatial referencing by coordinates
  • ISO 19112 Spatial referencing by geographic identifier
  • ISO 19108 Temporal Schema
  • ISO 19107 Feature geometry
  • ISO 19109 Rules for schema application
  • ISO 19123 Schema for coverage geometry and functions
  • ISO 19156 Observations and measurements
  • ISO 19139 Metadata XML implementation
  • ISO 19136 Geography Markup Language (GML)
  • ISO 19162 Well-known text representation of coordinate reference systems
  • ISO 13249 SQL spatial
  • SLD Styled Layer Descriptor

OGC and other services implementation

  • Easily create an OGC service instance to serve any data on-the-fly
  • OGC CSW Catalog Services
  • OGC SWE Sensor Web Enablement
  • OGC SOS Sensor Observation Service
  • OGC WMS Web Map Service
  • OGC WMTS Web Map Tile Service
  • OGC WFS Web Feature Service
  • OGC WCS Web Coverage Service
  • OGC WPS Web Processing Service
  • TMS Tile Map Service
  • Thesaurus Service

Tiling raster engine

  • Publish resulting tiles into OGC WMTS service
  • Build map layers to cover the globe by using map context and serve it as WMTS layer

Dataset dashboard manager & Catalog

  • Publish each metadata on the fly on OGC CSW service
  • Quickly locate all linked OGC services that serve your data
  • Easily attach SLD Styles to your data

Metadata management

  • Validate and publish your metadata over CSW catalog service
  • Filter by completion level of fields to show the best completed metadata sheets

Processing engine

  • Manage WPS processes easily by calling remote processes on your data
  • Harvest metadata remotely in all in one CSW Catalog using our process

Map context manager

  • Compose your maps by adding local layers installed in Examind or using WMS remote layers
  • Create maps in any projection and share your map context file using OGC OWS Context
  • Publish your maps using OGC WMTS service

Thesaurus manager

Thesaurus manager
  • Create, export or import your own Thesaurus
  • Manage each Thesaurus and modify the thesaurus tree with an intuitive component

Spatial database

  • Add and fetch your data from multiple spatial databases
  • Supported formats: PostgreSQL, POSTGIS, ORACLE

Weather data

  • Supported formats: netCDF, GRIB1, GRIB2, WMO
  • Serve your Weather data with WMS, WMTS and SOS services
  • Customize your data with SLD styles to display the most relevant information