Examind Community in a nutshell

Examind Community is a geographic server written in Java. Much more powerful than a simple GIS, it allows its users managing and sharing their spatial data through a large number of interoperable services.


Examind Community allows to share all forms of data through a wide variety, OGC services from the classical ones (WMS and WMTS) to less common (SOS and WPS). The interoperability requirement is echoed processing libraries which propose the use of accepted standard ( SLD, “OWS:Context”, etc.) and relies on the GeoAPI programming interface.

Open Source

The Examind Community project is under the Apache 2.0 license ( http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0 ) and benefits from many contributions of its community. This distribution method ensures the sustainability of internally developed business applications.

A single programming language

All functionalities provided by Examind Community are written in Java. This programming language, both popular and structured, makes Examind Community a coherent and homogeneous tool easy to maintain.

Proven libraries

The Examind Community rendering engine relies on Apache SIS and Geotoolkit libraries. These software resources support a wide variety of geographic projections systems and propose a very advanced rendering engine for the representation of both vector and raster kinds of data.


Examind Community provides REST APIs to developers allowing an easy integration of the geographic information into the existing Geographic Information Systems.

Ergonomic graphical user interfaces

Examind Community graphical user interfaces were carried out with the expertise of an ergonomist in order to allow the easy handle of the most advanced features.

Management data / metadata

Examind Community allows reading data and metadata, for greater ease of use. Metadata can be broadcasted via CSW web service.

Style customization

Examind Community allows to customize maps in a very advanced way thanks to a seemingly infinite numbers of styles. So, each data can be emphasised in a optimal way.